Words from Our CEO

Bizcom Indonesia was established on March 2017 in Jakarta. Number of people who dedicated their time in technology and business are the founder of Bizcom. Bizcom Indonesia actively spreads awareness on business and technology areas. The main goal of Bizcom Indonesia is to move forward on investment, especially on agriculture field. Bizcom Indonesia also holds monthly gathering to build network and connect key players in business from middle-class. Bizcom Indonesia also builds an ecosystem for businessman and businesswoman through the establishment of Bizcom Indonesia Electronic Card.

Bizcom Indonesia also builds an ecosystem for personal investor and Business owner in Bizcom Indonesia. The ecosystem consists of bankers, investors, business owners, start-up founders, and professionals for at least 2500 people and the number is increasing. Bizcom is focusing its growth on middle-class community in Indonesia as the World Bank emphasizes the importance of expanding middle-class community to boost economic growth and broaden prosperity.

Our vision & mission

  • Become the reference and access for business owners and investors, also to drive entrepreneurship in Indonesia
  • Community Investor
    Our Members 2800 Personal Investor and Business Owner
  • Investor Gathering
    We Already Have 24 Investor Gathering Bizcom from 28 March 2017 – January 2019
  • Bizcom.id
    Our Target 20 Mil USD
  • Bizcom E-Card
    Emerald Infinity, Corporate Gold and Personal Gold
  • Bizcom Commodities
    West Java With Commodity Shallot and Big Red Chili

Our Positioning

Middle up Profile People

Social economic Class A+, A, B and B+


Topic Sharing About Technology and We Also User Technology


We’re Not Selling Product

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